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Lost Pet Flyer Creation

Create, Post, Share and Reunite!

By now you know that we at we are all about reuniting lost animals with their humans and we also strongly believe that low tech is often the best solution when it comes down to finding your pet in case you two get separated.

According to the The American Humane Association, over 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the U.S. every year and One in three pets will become lost at some point during their life.

The faster you act when you notice your pet missing the better your chances are at finding him! Without an ID tag or some form of identification, these chances are significantly lower and even more so after and if your pet is brought to a shelter.

Lost Pet Flyers WORK and they work very well for two reasons:

  1. You can show an accurate photo of your pet which helps identify the animal when he's roaming around.
  2. The can be dispersed locally around your neighborhood. We have all seen these flyers stapled on street poles or tapped in stores' windows or even left on cars' windshields...

Remember we said that SPEED IS KEY in posting a flyer but what happens when you don't know how to create a flyer? You might not have the skills or the software??

Our Automatic Lost Pet Flyer Creation Tool is now live!

We created an online tool to help you automatically create, Print physical versions of the flyers but also went one step further by leveraging THE TRUE POWER OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA and allowing you to post and SHARE your virtual flyers on your Facebook feed or on your local Facebook groups!

Creating a flyer is fast, easy and can be done all from your phone!

Enter a few pieces of information, choose a template (for the printed format), select what contact information you want to display, click Create and VOILA a great looking flyer is ready to print, posted on our lost pet directory and a virtual flyer is ready for you to share on Facebook!

Note that if you already have an account with us, an account is totally free, you will already have all the information you need to create this flyer!

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