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You dog or cat has gone from a health playful puppy or kitten to a rambunctious adolescent...Now that he's an adult, he's finally slowing down but did you know that just like humans, dogs and cats are prone to developing joints problems that could keep them from fully enjoying the later part of their life?

If he has trouble getting up or is slow getting up. Perhaps he moves much much slower than he used to on the daily walks, all signs that he might be experiencing some soreness in the joints. Unlike humans who can express their discomfort via words (most of the time at least...), dogs tend to simply stop moving as fast when they are experiencing soreness and inflamation in their joints.

All Dogs and cats experience a slow down in glucosamine production (for dogs large breeds more than smaller ones) as they age and this is why it's a great idea to start them on a daily regimen of glucosamine and other supplements for joints and hips.

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Capstar flea pills can help to treat sudden outbreaks. The fast-acting formula works within hours; In most cases, you can keep using your existing pest protection medications and treatments with Capstar for fleas. Capstar Flea Tablets are administered orally with or without food. The fast-acting formula begins to work within 30 minutes and will kill nearly all adult fleas within 4 hours of administering to your pet. The effects of the tablet lasts up to 24 hours. If your pet's infestation returns, you can safely re-administer Capstar for fleas as often as one dose per day.

(Capstar) Fast Acting Oral Flea Treatment

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